Neuroshima token serves as the native currency within an ecosystem that encompasses a decentralized gaming platform. It enables players to participate in various games, including a mini-game. The token functions as both a means of in-game currency and a reward system for players.
Within the Neuroshima gaming platform, players can engage in a captivating mini-game. The mini-game takes place in a virtual battlefield represented by a hexagonal grid.

Players assemble their armies by acquiring and strategically placing unit tiles on the grid. Each unit tile possesses unique characteristics and abilities, offering a diverse range of tactical options. The objective is to outwit opponents by utilizing the strengths of your units while exploiting the weaknesses of your adversaries.
As the game progresses, players take turns activating their units and executing attacks, movements, and other tactical maneuvers. The combat system is resolved based on the interaction between the units' attributes, such as attack power, defense capabilities, and special abilities.
Q3 2023
1. Token Launch - Neuroshima ($NEUROSHIMA) is introduced to the crypto community through a public sale, establishing the initial foundation of the token's ecosystem.
2. Exchange Listing - Neuroshima token is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, providing accessibility and liquidity for token holders.
3. Ecosystem Development - The core team focuses on developing the infrastructure and partnerships necessary for the Neuroshima token ecosystem, including the creation of a dedicated wallet and integration with gaming platforms.
Q4 2023
1. Mini-Game Development - The team begins the development of the tactical mini-game inspired by Neuroshima Hex, implementing engaging gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, and strategic depth.
2. Alpha Testing - The alpha version of the Neuroshima mini-game is released to a limited group of testers, allowing for valuable feedback and improvements.
3. Beta Testing and Community Feedback - The beta version of the mini-game is made available to a wider audience, inviting community participation and collecting feedback to further refine the gameplay experience.
Q1 2024
1. Official Launch - The Neuroshima mini-game is officially launched, providing players with an immersive, strategic, and post-apocalyptic gaming experience within the Neuroshima token ecosystem.
2. Token Staking - The Neuroshima ecosystem introduces token staking, allowing token holders to earn additional rewards by locking their $NEUROSHIMA tokens for a specified period.
3. Community Governance Implementation - The Neuroshima token community is actively involved in the decision-making process through a governance mechanism, allowing token holders to propose and vote on ecosystem updates, partnerships, and future development directions.
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